For the most sensitive skin. 

THE GOOD ALCHEMIST is a skin food, prebiotic and probiotic skincare brand created for the most sensitive skin.


It's made from fresh and locally grown plants transformed into potent, yet featherweight products that is filler free and chemical free.


THE GOOD ALCHEMIST is nature's formula to nourish, transform & protect your skin.

Our Way 


Hi Human! 

Welcome to the The Good Alchemist community. 

Before TGA, have you ever wondered what ingredients are in those skincare products you are using? Did you know 60% of the products that we put into our skin enters into our bloodstream in 26 seconds? And that not all natural products are good for you? 

Let me share to you my skincare journey. I personally have a high skin sensitivity issue due to compromised immune system, and I react to almost everything that comes into contact with my skin. I tried different products to solve it - from local to international, from home made to high end, but none solved the issue. As I struggled and almost gave up, I decided to create products that mainly focuses for the most sensitive skin, and that everyone can use — babies, kids, pregnant, nursing moms, teens, adults, even our grandparents. This gave birth to The Good Alchemist.

Our ingredients are very limited, since we are free of fillers, silicones, parabens, fragrance, and all the toxic natural and chemical ingredients. 

We also make our own probiotics from fruits and vegetables to ensure the efficacy of each product. 

We are a plant-based, cruetly-free, eco-friendly, and locally made too. 

Our formulations are mostly featherweight and absorbs within seconds, who loves to have sticky skincare btw? 

I hope you enjoy the products that we share with you. And please don’t forget to tag us and share your reviews and comments with us. We value your honest opinions.


Let’s heal together, shall we?  

The one who understands you,