All our formulations are made out of PREBIOTIC and PROBIOTIC from fruits and vegetables that you can actually eat.


It is locally grown, harvested, processed in a laboratory environment to make sure the freshness, efficacy, and quality of our probiotics.


The difference between Prebiotic and Probiotic: The first one is the food source of the bacteria to stay alive; while the latter is the live good bacteria that can eventually die due to heat, acid or simply die with time if the food is not given. The probiotic needs the prebiotic to stay alive and do its job properly.





Our ingredients are very limited since we are free of fillers, silicones, parabens, fragrance, colorants, and all the toxic natural and chemical ingredients that can affect our body.


Skin is our largest organ; hence, we only use plant-based, all-natural ingredients that’s good for you and the environment.


We eliminated the unnecessary to get to the essentials.




Our products are interchangeable depending on your needs. Created for the most sensitive skin in mind, but can also be used by everyone in the family.


The viscosity of our products also varies, rest assured, that all are measured as indicated.




As much as we love you, we cannot compromise our love for the environment.

Hence, we are releasing our Rinse & Return advocacy.

For every 10 empty bottles of 30ml – get 1 free Large cream bar of your choice.

For every 10 empty bottles of 20ml – get 2 free Small cream bar of your choice.

Kindly make sure bottles are thoroughly rinsed and free of residue.

First, finish all the goodness you can get off from the bottle.

Second, remove the straw from the cap. Dispose it properly.

Third, wash with hot water and dish soap, make it bubble.

Clean the nozzle by pressing while the solution is still inside.

Fourth, rinse with tap water. Press the nozzle to rinse excess solution. Fifth, send it back to us. And we will send the cream bar alongside with your next order.




All of our products are packaged in a frosted glass bottle to maintain its potency which you can reuse or return.




Once payment has been made and verified, we ship within the next 24 hours, excluding Holidays, Sundays and Mondays.


All deliveries are made using only reputable couriers that can ship on time to make sure the products arrive fresh and safe.


We ship using carton and fillers to protect your package from breakage.


We ALWAYS make sure that are shipped safely.

But if your bottles arrive broken, please contact us immediately and we will send you a replacement.


We produce in small batches in order to to maintain the freshness of the product, please note that we do not accept any returns.


When travelling, do not check in these products as it might cause leakage due to the pressure of the airplane.




If you plan to have corporate gifts or giveaways, please do contact us so that we can build a package tailored to what you need.