As much as we love you, we cannot compromise our love for the environment. Hence, we are releasing our Rinse & Return advocacy.

For every 10 empty bottles of 30ml – get 1 free Large cream bar of your choice.


For every 10 emoty bottles of 20ml – get 2 free Small cream bar of your choice

Kindly make sure bottles are thoroughly rinsed and free of residue.

First, finish all the goodness you can get off from the bottle.

Second, remove the straw from the cap. Dispose it properly.

Third, wash with hot water and dish soap, make it bubble. Clean the nozzle by pressing while the solution is still inside.

Fourth, rinse with tap water. Press the nozzle to rinse excess solution.

Fifth, send it back to us. And we will send the cream bar alongside with your next order.